Company Overview
We’re Magnite, your global alternative to ad tech’s walled gardens—and the giants who live there. We believe in keeping technology transparent, solutions collaborative, and guidance unconflicted. (Crazy, right?)

Our Long Story, Short

Magnite was born in 2020 when the programmatic ad pioneers at Rubicon Project teamed up with the CTV experts at Telaria. To accelerate our CTV ambitions, we acquired CTV leader SpotX and ad management platform SpringServe in 2021.

Now, Magnite is the industry’s largest scaled, independent CTV/video ad platform. Though CTV and video are now as important to Magnite as ever, we remain committed to our roots as an omnichannel SSP. Thousands of publishers around the globe rely on our technology to sell advertising on their terms and across every channel and format—including CTV, desktop, mobile, and audio. Likewise, we help the world’s leading agencies and brands reach millions of consumers efficiently, safely, and while respecting their privacy. The Magnite team is made up of hundreds of people across North America, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC, and our stock is traded on NASDAQ as MGNI.

Our Values

See the Big Picture
Every journey starts with how you frame it, and in a complex world, it can be tempting to fall back on familiar perspectives and habits. At Magnite, we break this pattern by stepping back to view not just the challenge in front of us, but the situation or system that surrounds it. Seeing the Big Picture isn’t about overanalysis, it’s about striking a balance between context and speed to make our work more strategic and impactful.

Raise the Bar
We’re passionate about what we do, and every day we strive for greatness. At Magnite, greatness isn’t about achieving perfection, it’s about doing better today than we did yesterday. Aspiring to beat our own expectations (as well as others’) is what keeps us growing as people, as professionals, and as a business.

Empower Others
Magnite doesn’t own inventory, and we don’t buy or sell ads. We empower our clients with tools and expertise so they can do these things. In other words, we succeed by helping others succeed. Empowering Others is also how we win inside the company. As Magnites, we look for opportunities to uplift one another because there’s nothing we can’t do better and faster as a team.

Own the Results
Whether we succeed, fail, or land somewhere in between, we stand by our work. That means giving credit where credit is due, taking responsibility for things that could have gone better, and putting our egos aside to absorb constructive feedback. This is how we convert experiences to learnings, and how we Raise the Bar the next time around.


At Magnite, we cultivate an environment of continuous growth and collaboration. Our work impacts what millions of people read, watch, and buy, and we’re looking for people to help us tackle that responsibility with creativity and focus.
Company Summary
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